Dirty Walls & Render

Wall Render Dirty ?

We have been operating in the south west of england for over 10 years, using the best ladder-less window cleaning systems, built in-house by our owner, with vans covering many areas in Somerset & Bristol

Our water fed pole systems which use special cleaning fluids, supplied and tested but experts to clear up wall build up

 We can reach a height of 60ft and can easily clean over any outbuildings or single story extentions .

Wall Mould build up?

The straight forward way of controlling the biofilm is by impregnating the surface with a solution of quaternary ammonium. The product AlgoClear® Pro works on the biofilm by puncturing microorganisms cell walls. It does not interact with the mineral components of self finished renders and does not contain any compound deleterious to the colouring agents or the surface cohesion.

In particular, the product has a neutral pH. On porous render, the surfactant active will decontaminate deep into the surface porosity by capillary action.